Mark Whipple (partywhipple) wrote,
Mark Whipple

Bye bye Tumblr

I had been using Tumblr for a few years after LJ shit the bed and I couldn't log in. I have (soon to be had) a NSFW blog which is mostly naked women. I was using it a a lot before I met my wife. Now I rarely even visit the site. Funny thing is I would still get alerts saying people were following me. Since the majority of Tumblr is people just reblogging other posts you can stay alive on there well past any actual active time. What weirded me out was I received an alert about the picture I attached as a violation of their new No Adult Content rule. I'm pretty sure it's not...

I'll post them in the comments. I can't remember for the life of me how to do a cut. Posts in comments will be NSFW!
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