Mark Whipple (partywhipple) wrote,
Mark Whipple


As in, it was cold this morning when I went running. Running is a slightly new thing for me. I just started this year. I've been doing it enough at this point that if I 'only' run 2 miles I feel lazy. I only ran 2 miles this morning. I feel lazy. Bleh. I've been having knee issues and, oddly, they seem to get worse if I do too much but also if I do too little. If I run just enough each day it feels fine. Run too little or too much, it hurts all day. I am slightly annoyed by this. I've been taking a supplement for it. It works really well but it doesn't eliminate the problem entirely. If you want tips on how to get your ass out of bed and start, let me know. That was my big problem for months. Now I can just roll out of bed and be out the door in a few minutes without talking myself out of it.

Yes, I'm using the Superman symbol for my exercise posts. I feel rather accomplished even on lazy days for getting it done!
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