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There, there be boobs!

I am alive. I want to use LJ more. I am very, very tired of Facebook. It is just a train wreck that keeps going.

I havent thought about CotD in years. Luckily, i have kept up with the boob posts on my Tumblr.

Just in case you dont actually know me, that link is not safe for work. Well, most work...

Aim to Misbehave

Bye bye Tumblr

I had been using Tumblr for a few years after LJ shit the bed and I couldn't log in. I have (soon to be had) a NSFW blog which is mostly naked women. I was using it a a lot before I met my wife. Now I rarely even visit the site. Funny thing is I would still get alerts saying people were following me. Since the majority of Tumblr is people just reblogging other posts you can stay alive on there well past any actual active time. What weirded me out was I received an alert about the picture I attached as a violation of their new No Adult Content rule. I'm pretty sure it's not...

I'll post them in the comments. I can't remember for the life of me how to do a cut. Posts in comments will be NSFW!
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Happy Birthday, V_Monkey!! I hope you have a fantastic day!

It's been so long I don't remember how to change that to link your name :p
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I can't get the button to work. If you would like to donate to the cause this Saturday please go to and donate directly to the organization. If, in the message, you mention it is to help with Mark Whipple's truck cost. Or just give money to the organization and mention me so they know I'm not just there to pick up hot volunteer chicks...
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So both of the plans I had to get a moving truck on 9/28 to help a family in Woodbridge who have a 16 year old with cancer move have fallen through. I was hoping one of you brain trust type people would have an idea. I have tried the cancer card with Uhaul and they want 3 years of tax records for StillBrave. We only have one as the organization just got our non-profit tax thingie (502c?) the year before last. We wanted a big truck instead of a bunch of people with vans for shots of the volunteers and also just to make things easier for everyone involved. Worst case is I pay for it myself. Money is not exactly flowing these days, though, so if any of you know a person who works for a moving company in Northern VA who could assist it would be really, REALLY cool.
Aaah My Squeedily Spooch!

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We will now see if LJ sells your info to any third parties. I have kept my gmail completely spam free for years. I just changed my lj email address from my old yahoo to my gmail. If spam starts pouring in we'll know the culprit, methinks...

Long, wheezy day today. Yay yardwork!! It was for a good cause, though, so a little wheezing (or a lot) is worth it.