Mark Whipple (partywhipple) wrote,
Mark Whipple

I Miss LJ

A couple of years ago I couldn't sign in or even get to the site. So I stopped using LJ and started using my FB account more. But I really hate much of Facebook. I can't share any of my personal thoughts because someone will come and bitch. I can't bitch about family without jumping through hoops because they are on it. i can't bitch about friends for the same reason. Some times a guy wants to bitch and not worry about offending someone!!

Also, I see people who I know are very smart devolve into prattling children on there. I think that a group conversation really cannot be maintained above the average level of intelligence of all the people involved. This means when you get 2 severe idiots involved, the conversation is over. Bleh.

So I am going to try to use LJ more and only use FB for communicating with the people I do volunteer work with. LJ is not a good place to spread the word about, well, anything. But it is a good place to record your thoughts and not worry about every friggin person on the planet seeing it.
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