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Cutie of the Day - elysiankitten

Holy shit the post is back! Standard CotD rules apply.

It's not every day that a beautiful, young woman sends you an email ASKING if she can send you pictures. When elysiankitten did I took it as a sign that CotD had to return and return with hawtness. She rules. That's a pretty good summary, methinks!

Volunteers for CotD are always welcome! I reserve the right to say no thanks.

*edit* I see that the lj embed image feature is sorta wonky. If you click a broken link it does bring you to the pic. Or reloading the page. Not sure what's up with that...
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The links etc, work fine for me. No problem there, not for me anyway.
aw, next to last photo - that SMILE! and such twinkly eyes! and pretty hairz!! AWWW!! :D
Wow! Now that is the way to bring back COTD!
Very, very adorable. :D Love the hair, and what lovely skin! (She reminds me of a girl I had a crush on in high school, actually. Heh.)

Also, uh . . . if I can find any halfway good ones, want some from me?

Those are some great pics!

Huzzah for the return of CotD!
Beautiful woman there. :)
oooooh.... purty:)
She is so cute. I love that smile! :)

And yay for the COTD return!!
Can you REALLY call it cutie of the day, if these posts are not daily?

Deleted comment

Cuteness of that level should come with a warning label

<3 CotD - why don't you do more of these?!
Send pictures :)


8 years ago


8 years ago

Sooo cute.
Excellent bone structure, too!
*much cheering and dancing which involves pumping of fists in the air*

What a fantastic cutie! elysiankitten, you have a versatile look with a simple change of the hairstyle. That's awesome! :)
VERY cute! Love her smile and her cheekbones :) beautiful eyes too!
Very beautiful indeed. :)
COTD is back, with a vengeance!

Thanks, elysiankitten! Very worthy!

Holy moly!!!!
Wow, what a beautiful and flawless complexion she has!
Yay for cute volunteers.
Look at those LEGS!! Wow!!! She is just gorgeous. Perfect skin!! This was an excellent choice to bring back CotD for a visit.
Looking good! Glad COTD came back.
Well hey hey hey! Merry Christmas to US!
Umm, WOW. I'm thinking mayhaps that I live on the wrong side of Tennessee! I didn't know West Tenn had dibs on all the cute!
Awww thanks everybody, and Mark, for rockin :) Ya'll are really sweet!