Mark Whipple (partywhipple) wrote,
Mark Whipple


So both of the plans I had to get a moving truck on 9/28 to help a family in Woodbridge who have a 16 year old with cancer move have fallen through. I was hoping one of you brain trust type people would have an idea. I have tried the cancer card with Uhaul and they want 3 years of tax records for StillBrave. We only have one as the organization just got our non-profit tax thingie (502c?) the year before last. We wanted a big truck instead of a bunch of people with vans for shots of the volunteers and also just to make things easier for everyone involved. Worst case is I pay for it myself. Money is not exactly flowing these days, though, so if any of you know a person who works for a moving company in Northern VA who could assist it would be really, REALLY cool.
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Have you tried any of the smaller trucking companies. There's one called "Two Guys and A Truck" in this area, for instance. A smaller privately run company might be much more willing to help out in a charity situation.
I don't have any ideas but I can donate. Paypal button?
What she said.
Is this a cross-town move or long-distance? Do you need the truck for one day or more?

I don't know anyone in the area, but if you didn't physically go into the UHaul place, I would try that. My BIL used to work at UHaul, and from what I know of the way they did things, they could probably hook you up off-the-books somehow even if it were an unofficial call on the part of the manager.
I have not been to the store. I just called around. I wasn't planning on driving to Woodbridge until that day to get the truck. Ugh. I hate Woodbridge. I may do it this weekend, however, to try your idea!
I was going to suggest West Bros, but a) they don't run in Va, and b) they were sold to Brown Trucking a few years ago. Brown does have operations in Richmond, but I don't know that they'd be any more open to your needs as U-Haul. (can't hurt to call, 'tho) The "pods" people would be another option; they'll bring out something like a cargo container for you to fill, and then take it where ever you want it.
The pods guys are good from what I've heard but we're only going like 2 miles. And, I THINK, we have a bunch of volunteers. Just getting a truck for 4 hours would really do the trick.